Frankie Rainbow Mules

Frankie Rainbow Mules

Size Guide

Kindly note that all shoes fit according to Italian sizing.



If you are unsure of your size, please use the following steps to determine your size. You will need:

• 2 pieces of paper
• A pencil
• A centimeter ruler



1. Place your bare right foot flat on a piece of paper. Keep the heel of your  foot against a wall.

2. Without moving your foot, trace its outline. (You may want to ask a friend for help.)

3. Use the centimeter ruler to measure the length of your foot from the longest toe to the back of your heel. Write down the length in centimeters.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 to determine the length of your left foot.

5. If the length of one foot is greater than the other, use the greater length when refering to the size chart.

6.Find the section of the size chart in centimeters (CM). The equivalent shoe size in Italian sizing can be found on the left side of the chart. For example, if the length of your foot is 24 CM you’d wear an Italian (Italy) size 37 in ALEXIS ISABEL shoes.


If "happy" were a pair of shoes, it would be the Frankie Mules. Popping with color, these mules are a must for your next party, occasion, wedding, or anything! Made with metallic fuchsia leather and a gold lacquered heel, these sandals feature handmade satin rainbow bursts. Each burst is topped off with a round Austrian crystal for added sparkle. Inspired by the tropical Doña Aurora flower, these mules are top notch. These mid-heel sandals are just the right height that make them easy to wear all day. 

  • Metallic Fuchsia leather upper
  • Rainbow satin flower burst with round crystal 
  • Fully leather-lined
  • 80 mm (3") gold lacquered heel
  • Leather sole
  • Made in Italy 

This style is available in full sizes only. If you wear a half size, please round up. All shoes fit according to Italian sizing. See our size guide to determine your size.